Say No To The Pellet Mill Swindle

Enviva pellet mills require local taxpayer investments. But what happens to Laurens County when subsidies disappear?

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Selling Out The Community

A pellet mill in Laurens County would lead to up to 200 trucks a day rolling in and out of the mill, which would operate 24/7, causing dust, noise, and pollution.

Learn More: The Health Impacts of Pellet Manufacturing

Selling Out Our Forests

Burning Southern Forests to make electricity in Europe is a short term investment. Subsidies will be phased out in the near future, and policy makers are already turning against biomass energy - why put our tax money on a losing bet?

Join the movement: Our Forests Aren't Fuel

Dogwood Alliance is dedicated to protecting Southern Forests and the communities who rely on them.

Our Forests.Our Strength.